Early Childhood FAQ's

What is the cut-off date for Kindergarten?

Age 5 by September 1

Why would I send my child to pre-kindergarten if they meet the kindergarten age cut-off?

Pre-kindergarten acts as a bridge for children who need the gift of time – time that is sometimes essential to become more confident as they move to the next level of academic achievement. To help in your determination, all kindergarten age children are tested for readiness.

Must my child attend preschool or pre-kindergarten to be eligible for kindergarten enrollment?

No, however children enrolling in kindergarten are expected to have met the pre-kindergarten objectives as described on THIS PAGE. The preschool and pre-kindergarten directors will help you make this determination.

Why do the early childhood programs start later in the year than the rest of the school?

Many of these children are coming to school for the first time. For that reason, we want to allow time for the older students to establish their routines before the younger children arrive, thereby creating a more settled environment when the early childhood students arrive for their first day.