The PK program is designed for four year olds with sufficient maturity and stamina to be in school for a full day, as well as for those children whose age makes them eligible for kindergarten, but need more time before moving to this next level of academic achievement. Students will develop a love for learning and a positive attitude concerning school, as well as be encouraged to think independently. The program's learning and kindergarten readiness goals will challenge its young learners at a higher developmental level than those in preschool and complement, but not duplicate, either preschool or kindergarten. This curriculum has been adapted to best suit these students’ abilities.

Pre-Kindergarten Objectives

Spiritual Development

  • listen to Bible stories and apply lessons to daily life
  • memorize Bible verses
  • develop respect for God and His Word

Social Development

  • learn to cooperate with others (adults and children)
  • become familiar with classroom structure and a full-day routine including library and P.E.
  • follow directions in a respectful way
  • develop confidence in a group setting

Motor Skills

  • strengthen hands for fine motor development
  • hold a pencil properly
  • develop spatial awareness through play
  • introduce proper formation of letters and numbers


  • explore God’s world through hands-on experiences incorporated into daily lessons


  • count and identify numbers through 29
  • identify shapes, sizes, and patterns
  • learn days and months through daily calendar time

Language & Literacy Development

  • identify letters and sounds of the alphabet
  • learn various concepts through singing and rhymes
  • develop cognitive and critical thinking skills through reading aloud and oral language experiences


   Pre-Kindergarten Quick Facts  

   Meet Times:

   Monday & Wednesday  

   Begin Date:    September 14, 2020
   End Date:    May 26, 2021
   Age Requirement:      Age 4 by September 1
   Cost:    $2,510