Preschool is designed for 3- and 4-year-olds who are ready for their first experience at school. At Zion Christian Preschool, we strive to develop a sense of wonder and excitement for learning as we explore God’s world. We emphasize learning from a Christian perspective and seek to encourage our covenant children in their love for the Lord and Christian love for others. We glorify God through our weekly themes, free play, circle time, literature, music and movement, daily developmental activities, and field trips.

Preschool Objectives

At Zion, children develop a respect for God and His word. Preschool children listen to and talk about Bible stories, memorize short Bible verses, and pray.

Learning Through Play

Play is child’s work...children play to learn, to grow, and to experience the world around them. Children are given lots of opportunities to cut, glue, paint, draw, dig, pour, build, climb, pretend, sort, examine, sing, and so much more!

Academic Learning

Preschool is an introduction to many academic concepts including science, math, social and language skills, along with fine and gross motor skill development.

   Preschool Quick Facts  

   Meeting Times:

   Tuesday & Thursday

   Begin Date:    September 15, 2020
   End Date:    May 27, 2021
   Age Requirement:      Age 3 by September 1  
   Cost:    $1,110