College Planning

Our guidance department has created a College Planning Guide, intended to help students and parents with the complexities of the college planning journey. The guide is intended to assist students and parents in college selection and financial aid availability.

Parents and students are encouranged to consult with academic advisers, teachers, college admissions representatives, and college financial aid officers in analyzing the information found in the document.

Additionally, here are some resources that may be helpful to college-bound students:


The cost of attending college is often a major source of stress for students. Here is some information on college scholarships that may be helpful:

Most scholarships will come directly from the college that a student attends. These scholarships are often based on things like SAT scores and/or GPA, though many are need-based. Most of the time, applicants are automatically considered for these scholarships, provided they apply on time. Also, it is important that a student's parents complete the FAFSA each year that they have a child in (or about to enter) college. This helps determine need-based financial aid. The FAFSA for is typically available starting in October for the coming year. Completing the FAFSA is probably the most important thing you can do in order to receive scholarships and other types of aid.
For scholarships awarded by a college, students can find that information on the college's website. Additionally, a college's admissions or financial aide offial can help prospective students learn about scholarship opportunities.
There are also lots of independent scholarships that exist. These require a bit of work, since students will need to search for them and the scholarships often require an application and personal essay. When looking for independent scholarships, a good place to start the search is either or Both of these sites have lots of info on many scholarships. Students can create a free account on these sites and conduct a scholarship search from there.