Zion's junior high includes grades seven and eight. Upon entering the seventh grade, students move from a self-contained classroom environment to an arrangement where they are moving from class to class. Along with this new routine comes fine arts course selection, participation in exams, and increased opportunities for extracurricular involvement.


To matriculate into Zion Christian High School, students must earn a minimum of eleven course credits in grades seven and eight combined (students transferring to Zion Christian School in grade eight must have earned five and one half credits in grade eight). Courses meeting five days per week earn 0.5 credits per semester, while courses meeting fewer days per week are adjusted according to the number of meeting days. For example, courses meeting three days per week earn 0.3 credits per semester, while courses meeting 2 days per week earn 0.2 credits per semester (exceptions may be made from time to time due to the level of work required outside the classroom). Based upon these credit values, a junior high student will typically attempt a total of fourteen course credits in their seventh and eighth grade years.

To view Zion's curriculum guide, which includes descriptions of all junior high and high school classes, click HERE.

Sample Schedules

Grade 7

Grade 8

English US History
Life Science Old Testament
US History English
New Testament Earth Science
Course 2 Math or Course 3 Math Course 3 Math or Algebra I
Composition, PE Composition, PE
Art, Band, Choir Art, Band, Choir
Computer Computer