International Program


internationalstudentsIn keeping with our mission of providing the children of Christian families with an education based on a wholehearted commitment to the authoritative Word of God, we view international education as a natural area of participation. As globalization becomes more of a reality, we respond with a program that impacts various people in obedience to God’s call to unity and diversity within His body. As a Christian school with a Reformed perspective, we embrace God’s call to cultivate the skills and abilities of children of Christian families, a call that extends around the globe to learn and live based on their relationship with Jesus Christ for the glory of God.

Student Support

  • International students are provided with tutoring services to a degree deemed necessary by their test scores and academic performance.
  • International and exchange students are offered the opportunity (in some cases required) to participate in semi-weekly group sessions to receive academic assistance and guidance regarding class procedures, school policy, etc.
  • New international and exchange students will be partnered with a classmate to assist with class transitions, homework organization, etc. Zion will make every effort to arrange for the students to meet prior to the outset of the school year.
  • Zion has appointed Melissa DeJong to serve as its International Student Program Coordinator. Melissa will work closely with students, teachers, and host families to ensure that international and exchange students meet their full potential as it relates to academic progress and social acclimation.

Student Testimonial From Jae Park, Class of 2011

JaeParkTo facilitate its international student program, Zion works closely with Partners in Learning Across Cultures to screen applicants, make host family arrangements, communicate with parents, verify student insurance, and perform all other tasks related to the students’ living arrangements while enrolled at Zion. The following are excerpts from Jae Park's survey response from Partners in Learning.

Question: How long have you attended Zion Christian School?

Answer: I have attended Zion Christian School for two years, my junior and senior years.

Question: Were your teachers helpful and friendly?

Answer: Oh, yes. They were willing to help me out when I had questions. It depends on his or her personality, but generally most of teachers were very kind and nice. They sincerely cared about me getting adjusted and wanted me to do well, providing all that they can provide to help me.

Question: Did you achieve the goals you wanted to accomplish?

Answer: Yes, I did. I am satisfied with my academic achievement.

Question: Did you feel prepared for college when you graduated? 

Answer: Yes, in fact, I can't wait until I go to college. I am excited to learn about subjects of my choice in depth and to experience new things and meet new people.

Question: What was your overall experience attending a Christian high school? 

Answer: It was truly a turning point in my life, especially in my spiritual life. I was raised up in a typical evangelical upbringing, you know, mega-church, health-wealth gospel and so on. So, when I encountered a solid, Reformed church and school here, at first, I struggled so much, almost to the point that I was so confused and depressed. But the Lord finally opened my eyes to clearly see how the Reformed faith is so close to Scripture in every aspect of doctrine and practice. I am so thankful for this experience of attending a Christian high school with a solid, Reformed background. It truly changed my life.

Host Family Testimonial from Arend & Betty de Koning

We thank God for providing us the opportunity of hosting an international student for two years now. What a joy and blessing it is to see how God is using the Christian school, church, and our home to help him have a better understanding of the Bible and creeds of the church. It would not be possible for us to go abroad as missionaries, but feel that we have been by being a host family for this student. We feel so blessed by this experience. We would highly urge you to work along with Partners in Learning by opening your home for an international student.

Become a Host Family!

Serving as a host family for an international or exchange student can be a great blessing for the family and the student. To cover student expenses during the school year, families are paid $4,000 for the school year by the student's family. To offer further incentive, Zion offers a $500 tuition credit for any family taking in an international student (the credit may be applied to a Zion family if the host family does not have children enrolled at Zion). Please contact SThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at (616) 878-9472, or Partners in Learning at (616) 246-6302 if you are interested in this opportunity!

Host families must subscribe to Parental Agreement A or B as defined in the Application for Enrollment.