Parents Guild

Parents of all enrolled students are members of the Zion Christian School Parents Guild. This organization meets throughout the school year for prayer, fellowship, and to organize programs and activities (with Board of Directors approval) consistent with the group’s constitution. This is a wonderful avenue for parental involvement in the life of the school.

Throughout the years, the parents guild has made many signficant contributions to the school, including the following:

  • Band Instruments
  • Bulletin Boards
  • CD Players
  • Classroom Books
  • Dictionaries
  • Digital Camera
  • DVD Players
  • Library books/shelves
  • Lockers
  • Maps
  • PE Equipment
  • Playground Material
  • Projectors
  • Science Equipment & Lab Materials
  • Tables & Chairs
  • Tools
  • TV Monitors

Parents, please plan to attend the next meeting as noted in the ZCS Weekly.