Transportation Overview

We recognize that transportation is a major factor in determining school choice. With this understanding in mind, Zion Christian School has established ZCS Transportation, an entity dedicated to providing transportation for Zion families.

Two daily routes service a large portion of our student body primarily with stops along the routes that service one or more families (known as cluster stops).

ZCS also provides transportation for field trips and extracurricular activities.


ZCS maintains two daily bus routes, covering a wide geographic area. Below you will find a map of the current routes as well as a link to each individual route.

Northwest Route (Red)     East Route (Green)


Fees are determined by cluster vs. home stops and the oldest student’s grade level as shown below:

Grade Level of Oldest Student
Home Stop
Cluster Stop
Preschool $430 $350
Pre-Kindergarten $865 $715
Kindergarten $1,150 $920
Grades 1-12 $1,450 $1,160


A family’s rate is determined by the oldest child riding (e.g. if a family has a cluster stop with one kindergarten student and one second grade student, the rate is $1,160).

Payment may be made either annually or on a per semester basis; regardless of payment selection, billing will be performed on a semester basis. Payment must be submitted prior to the semester in which the service is provided.


How does ZCS establish bus routes?

The following guidelines are used in establishing routes:

  1. Because Zion Christian School is a regional school covering a wide geographic area, ZCS Transportation has been formed to provide busing service to those families living a significant distance from school.
  2. Student riders may be on the bus for no longer than one hour, with a preferred maximum of forty-five minutes.
  3. ZCS Transportation seeks to provide at least one cluster stop option within a ten-mile radius of the home of every family enrolled at Zion Christian School.
  4. Home stops may be offered to those homes located along major thoroughfares and/or very close to the chosen bus route. Within reason, deference for home stops is given to those families with younger than school-age children at home.
  5. Families with home stops must allow the students of other Zion Christian School families to board and exit the bus at the home stop.
  6. When establishing the ZCS Transportation budget, the ZCS Transportation Board of Directors must take into account the budget’s impact upon the Zion Christian School budget. With this in mind, guidance should be sought from the Zion Christian School Board of Directors when establishing the ZCS Transportation budget.

If I elect to have my child(ren) ride the bus, may I have a guest ride home with them?

Families using the bus service may have their child(ren) ride on any bus at no extra charge. However, notes of permission must be given to the office at least one school day prior to the requested date(s) if a riding family desires to have their children dropped off at any location other than their scheduled stop, regardless of which route the stop is on. Permission will be granted only if the bus has not reached its rider capacity.

Families using the bus service may elect to have up to ten guest riders (not families) come home with their children per school year without additional charge, provided a request be submitted to the office at least two school days prior to the requested date(s). The request must include the names of the guest riders, and will only be granted if the bus has not reached its rider capacity.

May I elect to have my child(ren) ride the bus on some days, but not on others?

A part-time rider fee adjustment is available to those whose oldest child is in grade one or higher. Families riding the bus five or fewer times per week will be charged the pre-kindergarten rate. Those riding six times or more per week are charged the full rate.