Early Childhood

Our early childhood programs are an extension of the Zion Christian School mission of Learning and Living for the Glory of God. Our programs provide a warm and loving environment, through which a child becomes familiar with a classroom setting and field trips. The student is encouraged to interact with his or her environment and with other children under the loving direction and instruction of authority figures delegated to this task by his or her parents. Already at this stage, children will experience the importance of the Scriptures for salvation and life.

With this academic and spiritual emphasis in mind, our early childhood programs are intended as more than an opportunity for parents to have “adult time” away from their children. Rather, it functions as an extension of the home, supporting it and the church with “Word-centered” instruction. 

Which program is right for my child?

Parents of younger children must consider a variety of factors when deciding whether to enroll their child in preschool or pre-kindergarten. Completing the following survey will help you determine the best program for your child.

1. Strongly Applies
2. Somewhat Applies
3. Does Not Apply


_____ naps regularly
_____ is shy
_____ needs help dressing
_____ is scared about going to school
_____ is content to stay home
_____ wiggles during devotions or church
_____ loses interest in a task quickly
_____ struggles with sharing and interacting with friends
_____ is small for his or her age

_____ TOTAL

   Score Range        Recommended Program    
   9-18    Preschool
   19-27    Pre-Kindergarten