High School Curriculum

Academic Excellence

Zion offers a rigorous, liberal arts curriculum appropriate for college preparation and vocational training. We trust that our students will learn to the best of their abilities, as they are called to do all things as unto the Lord (Col 3:23). We expect that our administrators, teachers, and students alike will strive joyfully and zealously to discover, exercise, and develop all the gifts God has given them.

Communication & Critical Thinking

A Zion education is about more than memorizing facts. We believe it is important for students to develop strong communication and critical thinking skills, honed only through a focused curriclum accompanied by meaningful dialogue with mentors and peers.

While all of our teachers maintain this focus in their curricular areas, the high school courses most specifically aimed toward the development of these skills include Introduction to Journalism, Logic I (required for all tenth grade students), Logic II, Logic III, and Speech. Without strong communication and critical thinking skills, students are unable to convey their thoughts (including the gospel message) to others in a meaningful way. In contrast, students armed with these tools are strong candidates to serve as leaders in the workforce and as advocates for the cause of Christ.

Curriculum Guide

To view Zion's curriculum guide, which includes descriptions of all junior high and high school classes, click HERE.

Advanced Placement Courses

While Zion does not currently offer AP courses we believe that the academic standards of our upper level classes meet or exceed those of AP course offerings. Evidence can be found in our test scores and in the strong performance of our alumni at highly regarded colleges and universities. Some further information considered by the Zion board can be found in articles such as the following:

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