Mentoring At Zion: A Special Part of Campus Life

It is such a part of our culture that we sometimes take it for granted…mentoring. We see the old leading the young; the young reflecting a ‘child-like’ awe and wonder of God and His creation. Mutually beneficial relationship of a PK-12 school are blessings that are difficult to measure. We have countless opportunities for impromptu interactions between older students and younger students, as well as a number of intentional opportunities for fellowship as part of our tradition. Such opportunities include the following:
  • Reading buddies
  • Teacher aides
  • High school students presenting science labs for elementary students
  • Student recess monitors
Our families are engaged with one another on a regular basis, and the result is a supportive sense of community. Watching the children sing to the Lord with their whole hearts is inspiring to our older students and to entire school community. Spending time with older students as they express their faith in the classroom and during special events is equally encouraging. We are grateful for these opportunities to develop tomorrow’s leaders and look forward to how these mentoring opportunities will serve our students in their future callings.

Student Life Policies

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